Information for patients and visitors relating to COVID-19

Due to COVID 19, we need to protect our patients and staff by ensuring patients only come to hospital if absolutely necessary. We are carrying out many of our out-patient clinics over the phone. We will contact you if we need to make any changes to your appointment. If your doctor can conduct a telephone assessment they will contact you before your planned clinic appointment date. If we have not contacted you, your appointment will go ahead as planned.

We have set up an area in the hospital where we can quickly carry out the necessary blood tests and investigations, including being weighed, that are needed for your treatment. You will then be able to go home. We will look at the results and will ring you if we need to. If we don't contact you, then you should attend for your treatment as planned. If you are not currently receiving treatment but need a blood test only we may ask you to attend the "drive through phlebotomy hub" in Sheffield at FlyDSA Arena. If you attend one of our partner hospitals for your treatment they also have local hubs and you will be told how to attend this before your next treatment.

Your doctor will discuss this with you at your appointment (face to face or telephone clinic) and you will be able to decide this together.

To reduce the number of people attending our hospital at this time, carers or relatives should not accompany patients. This is for Out Patient Appointments, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Day Case Unit. If you have any questions about this please phone the department you would be attending. If you arrive early please stay in the car until your appointment time. If your friend or relative is with you please can they stay in their car and not come into the building.

You and your family should follow government guidelines with regards to social isolation. If the person who usually provides transport for you is self-isolating because they have come into contact with someone who is unwell with COVID 19 or with someone who has symptoms that are suggestive of COVID 19, they should not provide your Transport. Please contact the Department that you would be attending.

You and your family should follow government guidelines with regards to social isolation. If your appointment is due whilst you are self-isolating due to COVID 19 symptoms please contact the department that you would be attending for advice.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak we have changed the way we deliver services to be as safe as possible. We are being very careful about opening up visiting because we want to protect patients and visitors whilst the virus is still in our communities. However we know how difficult it is not being able to visit and the benefits it brings to patients with cancer and loved ones.

So from 3rd August many of our patients will be allowed one nominated visitor to visit each day for up to an hour. Due to infection control precautions some patients or areas will not be able to have visitors and those patients will be informed of this. Please check with the person you want to visit before you make any plans to visit.

If you are the nominated visitor you will need to follow the guidance below:

  • You need to notify the ward that you are the nominated visitor before you visit for the first time.
  • You must be the only visitor unless there are exceptional circumstances agreed with the ward in advance.
  • For example if a patient is receiving end of life care, has a carer, is giving birth, is in critical care or in the neonatal unit. Covid-19 positive patients who are receiving end of life care will also continue to be allowed visits.
  • You must wear a face covering at all times and wash your hands on entry and exit to the ward/unit. Please ensure you follow the signage about social distancing.
  • Visits must be limited to one visit per day, for a maximum duration of one hour.
  • You must not have Covid-19 symptoms (symptoms of a high temperature, loss of taste and/or smell, a cough and new shortness of breath).
  • You should not visit if you are in self-isolation (e.g. after being in contact with a Covid-19 positive person, being contacted by Track and Trace or after visiting a country identified as requiring 14 days quarantine as per national guidance).
  • Visiting is not advised if you are ‘shielding’, but you may discuss with the nurse in charge over the phone.
  • Visitors should not congregate in communal areas.

If you are unwell please follow the advice that has been given to you in your information pack. If you are on cancer treatment please contact our telephone triage line 0114 2268345 or 0114 2712733

Out Patients - call 0114 2713949 / Day Case Treatment Unit - call 0114 2265319 / Radiotherapy call 0114 2265282 / Pharmacy call 0114 2265102 / WPCC Ward 2 call 0114 2265308 / WPCC Ward 3 - call 0114 2265305 - For any questions such as transport or appointment bookings please call 0114 226 5300 Monday to Friday

If you're on active treatment and these FAQs do not provide you with the answer you need please contact your consultant’s secretary, or call this number 0114 2265044 and we'll direct your question to the most appropriate person.