Visiting someone who has cancer

The support of family and friends is invaluable to anyone living with cancer and so we warmly welcome visitors to Weston Park Cancer Centre.

We also understand that you may want to be involved in supporting the care being provided and we are always happy to talk to you about how you can do this in the most appropriate way. Many of you may be a carer for the person already and will know about the small but important details which make things a little easier or better for someone.

Visiting hours and guidelines

Our visiting times are between the hours of 8am and 8pm on our wards. Please speak to the nurse in charge if you need flexibility outside of these times as that can often be arranged. The Weston Park Assessment Unit has open visiting.

Number of visitors

To respect other patient’s privacy and the need for rest, we ask that only two visitors come and visit a person at any one time.

Contacting the wards by phone:

Each ward has a direct telephone number:

Ward 2 – 0114 226 5307/0114 226 5308
Ward 3 – 0114 226 5304/0114 226 5305
Weston Park Assessment Unit – 0114 226 5333
Teenage Cancer Unit – 0114 226 5728

How to find us

Weston Park Cancer Centre, Whitham Road, Sheffield S10 2SJ

Weston Park Cancer Centre is about a 25 minute walk from Sheffield city centre. Whilst we do have some car parking spaces available at the Centre at busy times it can be difficult to park and so if possible we recommend public transport is the best way to travel to Weston Park Cancer Centre.

We provide clinics and services on several sites so check your appointment letter for the address of the site you need to visit.

We are well served by a number of bus services and close to the tram route. Use Travel South Yorkshire’s  to plan your journey from anywhere in the UK to the Centre.

Click here to find out more about Getting to Weston Park Cancer Centre. 

Long distance travellers

If you are travelling from a long distance to visit a friend, relative or loved one, please contact the ward manager in advance to discuss other possible arrangements. Alternatively, most patient bedsides now have a telephone which can make and receive calls and internet access, which are available 24 hours a day.


We ask you to avoid bringing children under 12 years old to visit unless permission has been sought from the ward manager. Our patients have told us that they find some visits from children disruptive, however in some cases, where the visit is in the best interest of both the patient and the child, these visits may be allowed.

Can I visit outside normal visiting hours?

There are situations in which you need to visit outside of our normal visiting times. Some examples of these may be:

  • Where you are assisting patients with specific care needs, for example helping with feeding / nutritional needs
  • Where the patient is receiving palliative care and specific support and care is required
  • In other individual, exceptional and specific circumstances to support a patient, for instance, where a patient is particularly vulnerable, or to minimise prolonged travelling or to address public transport issues
  • In circumstances where the patient has learning or behavioural difficulties. Please speak to the ward sister/charge nurse or nurse in charge for further information. 


Please do not bring fresh flowers and potted plants into the hospital as our patients are more prone to infection. If you want to buy flowers, please send these to your friend or relative’s home instead after discharge.

How you can help us

When visiting, we ask that you help our staff and other patients by:

  • Visiting when you are well.If you are unwell, or have been unwell, you should only visit if you have been free of any symptoms for 48 hours before coming to the ward. This includes coughs, colds, infectious rashes, vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Limit the number of visitors to a bed, 2 at a time only (unless special permission has been agreed with the sister/charge nurse for different visiting arrangements)
  • Use the alcohol hand rub provided to clean and wash hands before and after visiting. Alcohol hand rub dispensers can be found at the entrance to all our wards, patient rooms and at the end of each bed
  • Only sit on the chairs provided for visitors. Do not sit on the patient's bed or chair
  • Use designated visitor toilets instead of patients’ toilets. Wash and dry your hands after visiting the toilet.
  • Avoid sharing your relative’s toiletries, tissues etc or items of hospital equipment with other patients unless it has been approved by a member of the nursing team
  • Please do not eat food provided to the patient by the hospital
  • Please do not bring children under the age of 12 into the Centre without prior discussion with the nurse in charge

Protected mealtimes

All visitors will be asked to leave the ward at mealtimes, except carers helping with meals.

This gives our patients the opportunity to eat without interruption, improves the patient experience and allows our nursing staff to monitor and help patients to meet their nutritional needs, which can be vital to their well-being and recovery.  You can see the times of meals on the poster at the entrance to the ward where protected mealtimes are applicable. The nurses, catering staff, volunteers and carers are available to help serve meals and assist patients who may need help.

How can carers help?

  • If you would like to help your relative or friend at mealtimes this would be welcomed by staff
  • Otherwise, please visit your relative or friend at an alternative time to the ward mealtimes
  • Visitors can use this time to get refreshments. There is a coffee shop/snack bar on the ground floor, and  dining room or local eating places nearby
  • If possible, please do not telephone the ward for information during these times, so that staff can concentrate on helping the patients.
  • If you have any worries or concerns, please speak to the nurse in change.

Smokefree site

Weston Park Cancer Centre is proud to be a smokefree site. This means patients, visitors and staff cannot smoke in our buildings or on our grounds (vaping is permitted to support those using it as an aid to quit smoking tobacco). As a leading expert in cancer care, we also support anyone visiting or working in our hospital who wants to stop smoking.  Contact Yorkshire Smokefree  for support to quit smoking:

  • 0800 6120011 (free from landlines)
  • 0330 6601166 (free from most mobiles)


Refreshments are available at the ground floor WRVS snack bar, which sells hot and cold drinks, snacks and confectionary. 

The Dining Room on the 2nd Floor is also open at the following times:

  • Lunch: 1.00 pm - 1.45 pm
  • Afternoon Tea: 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm
  • Evening Meals: 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm

WiFi access & additional facilities

Free guest Wi-Fi wireless internet access is available to all our patients, staff and visitors. The WiFi network is called "Guest-WiFi". To use the WiFi, please read and accept the terms and conditions when prompted by your device.

Please note we are unable to provide technical support for patient and visitor devices. For troubleshooting support visit


Telephones are available on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors as well as the ground floor reception area. All phones have been adapted so they can be used by people wearing hearing aids.

HBS Radio

Hospital broadcasting services broadcasts to the hospital community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To request a record dial *800 free on your Patientline phone, extension 12719 from an internal telephone or (0114) 2712719 from anywhere else.

Trolley visits

Trolley visits take place on each ward every day selling magazines, newspapers, snacks, drinks, toiletries and stamps.

Scented Garden

A Scented Garden stimulates the senses and provides a relaxing environment for patients and visitors. The garden can be reached by going out through the conservatory from the Main Reception area on the ground floor.