newsAdditional radiotherapy machine boosts access to innovative treatments at Weston Park Cancer Centre

Weston Park Cancer Centre’s reputation as a leading cancer centre has been bolstered by the addition of a new radiotherapy machine. 

The newest machine takes the total number of radiotherapy linear accelerator machines in situ at Weston Park Cancer to eight, one of the highest of any radiotherapy departments in the country.

Over the course of its lifetime, the machine will provide 100,000 complex treatments to around 6,500 patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Around four in ten cancer patients are treated with radiotherapy, either curatively or to shrink, slow down its growth or help control symptoms.

Radiotherapy is a precise treatment which works by shrinking or destroying cancerous cells using high-energy radiation in carefully measured doses.

Dr Jackie Martin, Clinical Director for Weston Park Cancer Centre, said: “As a leading cancer centre, we continually look to replace and upgrade our radiotherapy facilities so that we can provide the best possible care to our patients. This newest machine forms part of our ongoing commitment to this programme, and together with our other investments, will enable all cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatments to continue to have access to advanced, timely care. With the number of cancer cases expected to continue to rise globally and the drive to diagnose patients earlier, the cutting-edge machines will also help us to meet the growing demand for innovative treatments and personalised cancer care.”

One patient having radiotherapy on the newest machine is Catherine Todd, 79 of Woodseats. She said: “I am extremely grateful for the high standard of care I have been receiving from Weston Park Cancer Centre. It it is very comforting having a whole team of people looking after you. I can’t fault the care, all the staff are wonderful and caring and always put patients first. I feel privileged to have access to such an amazing department and to be benefiting from the high tech machines.”

Weston Park Cancer Centre is one of four specialist cancer hospitals and has a reputation for excellence and innovation. The Centre provides care and treatment to 1.8 million cancer patients in the South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, Doncaster and Bassetlaw region, and is supported by Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Photos: Radiotherapy Physicist Lisa Russell and Radiotherapists Gillian Shaw and Angela Cooke stood in front of the new linear accelerator radiotherapy machine at Weston Park Cancer Centre

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